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Behavioral Health



Pinnacle works with you While you HELP OTHERS, your focus is solely on your patients while we help you accelerate revenue.

Therapists, Psychiatrists & Psychologists

 Pinnacle Medical Billing Solutions releases the extra load off our   behavioral Health providers.

While Providers focus mainly on their patients, They will earn more with PMBS.

PMBS strategic method has help providers get therapy sessions & treatments reimbursed from the insurance companies.

We aggressively tackle the Aging Report before it becomes a bigger issue within your revenue cycle. Our motto is No unpaid claims left behind. PMBS analyze Clinical documentation from all providers to assure authorization in getting all claims paid. PMBS Keep your costs low and optimize your billing by

  • Applying the appropriate codes for the treatment delivered

  • Including the appropriate policy number on the claim

  • Applying the correct rev code and Modifiers 

  • CMS-1500 OR UB-04 CLAIM

  • Receiving pre-approval for treatments as needed by the insurance plan

  • Filing within the time allowed by the insurance plan.

Addiction Treatment Centers & Mental Health Centers

Operating a treatment center could be very difficult and finding the right people to assist you with your administrative work is not an easy Job.

Whether you are in-network or out of network PMBS works with you and for you.

Out of Network providers it is important to stay on top of all claims at all times. Timely filing for OON providers is very strict, PMBS appeals all denied claims, Professional claims and Institutional claims.

We have you covered!

Contact Us directly with your information below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank You! We will contact you shortly.

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