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PMBS keeps our clients receivable down and their revenue flowing!

•PMBS verify with the insurance company on all procedure and Diagnosis codes. We follow up with patients insurance eligibility twice a month. Analyzing the insurance reports allows PMBS to tackle the issue and find out why claims are not being paid.

•As soon as a claim is denied we take immediate action, we don’t wait until it’s too late. •once a claim is submitted PMBS follows up with it in 3 days. It’s usually pending but better safe than sorry!

•PMBS follows the billing guidelines that’s provided for each insurance company.

• Initial authorization is always conducted once clinical information has been updated. PMBS completes authorization on the day before not the day of expiration date for authorization.

•Our Goal is to collect all that is owed not just some!

•Follow-up is key! PMBS follows up from Mon-Fri 8am-8pm some insurance companies run on central time PMBS run on eastern time.

•PMBS does not take denials likely we appeal unless proven otherwise (ex.policy termination, codes not covered due patients policy) It is very important to get as much information when verifying insurance benefits.

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