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To outsource or to hire?!

One of the toughest decision healthcare providers have to decide on is whether or not choosing to manage their Medical Billing in house or to Outsource their revenue to a third party company.

How to choose? A lot of providers when starting off wants to know how can they grow their business, What's the key to being a successful company (The world may never know) but what we do know when applying the accurate structure to your business platform it allows room for growth and that is PMBS goal.

To outsource or to hire? That is the question.

Medical billing can be a challenge and a very demanding task.

As a provider the last thing you have time for is trying to figure out why a claim didn’t get paid.

Therefore, a lot of private practices, hospitals, clinics etc., outsource their billing. Outsourcing will allow you, the provider, time to focus on what’s most important, providing QUALITY PATIENT CARE. A professional and experienced billing company, such as Pinnacle Medical Billing Solutions,LLC can ensure your claims are accurately coded, reducing billing errors, before submitting the clean claims to the payer. When you outsource your billing, you immediately began saving (cut cost). You save thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits; office supplies and furniture; and purchasing, upgrading and maintaining billing software and computer equipment. Keep in mind, when you outsource with PMBS, we don’t get paid unless you get paid!!! Unlike an in-house biller, you must pay them regardless of rejected and denied claims. However, when you outsource, for every denied or rejected claim, that’s money loss for you as well as the billing company. So we fight harder to make sure you receive MAXIMUM REIMBURSEMENT on every claim submitted. .

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